I dont know about you, but I really cant get too worked up about greenhouse gases. Please respond to confirm your registration. . Therefore, Israel has been permanently set aside, so that the only kingdom will be that kingdom that we call the church, ruled by Christ, either expanding to take over the world, or existing in the world, and finally in heaven. And so, you have to change the rules of interpretation and once you say the Bible doesnt mean what it says, then we have no idea what it means. He notes that "the decisive authority of Asiatic millennialism is John, from whom the elders claimed to have obtained their information. And at that judgment, well be recompensed for the deeds done in the body, whether they are good or phaulos, meaning useless. But, for certain, according to amillennialists, there will be no thousand-year reign of Christ on the earth. GDPR is the new European privacy regulation, which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and the equivalent legislation across the EU Member States. Its not nearly as difficult as some people make it if you just take Scripture at face value. Some of them are postmillennialists, although there are fewer and fewer of those. He even went so far as to say that the Amillennial position is more consistent with Arminianism Now, the only thing that I ask is that you read it, and the only reason I ask you to read it is so that you may be what? (Quoted in DeJong, As the Waters Cover the Sea, 38.). So to interpret Matthew 24 the way John MacArthur does as all about the tribulation period, and then all of a sudden you get to verse thirteen and you read into that a whole soteriological concept that I've got to make it to the end of my life in good works to prove I'm a Christian so I can get to heaven. Ligon Duncan and CJ Maheney (preaching tonight in the place of John Piper) both are Amil; Al Mohler and Mark Dever are both Historic Premil (I believe, correct me if I am wrong). The Rise of Philo-Semitism and Premillennialism During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. John MacArthur laid down the gauntlet on the issue of prophecy in his opening talk at the 2007 "Shepherds' Conference" that was titled "Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist Is a Premillennialist." He was emphatic that only premillennialism takes the prophecies concerning the future of Israel seriously. Dispensationalism continues to provoke heated debate within the Christian world. Israel crucifies the Messiah, thats it. John Piper Backs Professor's End Times Theory of Premillennialism. . Floyd Hamilton in his book, The Basis of the Millennial Faith, says - and I quote: Now we must frankly admit the literal interpretation of the Old Testament prophecies gives us just such a picture of an earthly reign of the Messiah as the premillennialist pictures., Now, thats a fate worse than death. I had no idea what they believed - 1600 pastors and leaders from central Asia - Id never have even been there; and the group that led the conference came to me afterwards with smiles on their faces and said, You believe exactly what we believe. This isnt something for people who have been highly educated; this is something for people who havent been corrupted by education. 4. John McArthur John MacArthur was born on 19 June, 1939. That's OK and no one is surprised or upset about that. Mathewson, Dave L. All of these are benefits of getting it right. We also applaud his insistence that the Bible must be interpreted literally, according to its normal sense. Btw, LA is beautiful and the conference is great, I hope to post some reflections as the week goes on. Ridgeley spends several pages refuting ancient and modern Chiliasts, or Millennarians ((Ridgeley, Commentary on the Larger Catechism, 1:558562.)) . And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure., Getting your eschatology right will bless you and getting your eschatology right will purify you. Some people want to turn it into ages - theres nothing in there that does that; theres nothing in the text itself that does that. I have thought about these things, by the way, for a long time. MacArthur insisted that we should be able to preach the whole Bible without changing the original meaning of the text or abrogating promises. And there are a lot of people who get the first one right - they get election right - and they dont get Israel right, and they are lost when it comes to eschatology. So, this is a classic perfect fit for Arminian theology. John MacArthur News Why TMS? Not that they were the end, but they were the means to the end. We understand that when you have a prophecy in the Bible that has not yet come to pass, not everything will be clear. , . One calls it a kingdom and says it will expand and expand and expand - thats the positive spin. You have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. A Purchased Victory: A Conference on the Bright Hope of Postmillennialism, Website made by Chittam Technology Solutions, LLC. (Ridgeley, Commentary on the Larger Catechism, 1:562. John MacArthur's first message at the Shepherds' Conference set off shock waves throughout the reformed evangelical church by upholding Premillennialism as being the only consistent position for any person who holds to the doctrine of sovereign electing grace. So, I say, leave amillennialism to those kinds of people who do not believe in the sovereign, unilateral, irrevocable, divine electing power of God. 3. In a really interesting illustration MacArthur envisioned an amillennialist evangelizing a Jew. Receiving Not Achieving. They believe God elects nobody to salvation. The reasons are simple enough: this classic work is forthrightly Biblical. The church will move out of its own environs to capture nations, leaders, ideologies, philosophies, theories, religions, and bring them all into captivity to Christ. The other says it is the kingdom. The assembly and the circumstances of the assembly must be distinguished. You get the interpretation of Scripture right when youre faithful to valid rules of interpretation. You would assume that they are confused because the Bible is confusing, and if the Bible is confusing, then God Himself is confused, and so, working hard - and it is often hard work - to understand prophetic passages is needless. His message in General Session 1 was entitled Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is Premillennial. Macarthur writes "Futuristic Premillennialism is the result of an understanding and application of the prophetic texts in a way that is consistent with the normal, literal approach to interpreting Scripture." This is how the authors come to their Futuristic Premillennial view. (1) That the old offcasten Israel for unbelief would never be forgotten, especially in these meetings, that the promised day of their ingrafting again by faith may be hastened; and that the dead weight of blood removed off them, that their fathers took upon them and upon their children, that have sunk them down to hell upwards of seventeen hundred years. I asked Dr. Michael Brown, who is premil, in our debate about Replacement Theology how he reconciles his claim that God is not finished with Israel with Zechariah 13:79. Popular proponents of dispensational premillennialism have been John F. MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Ray Comfort, Jerry Falwell, Todd Friel, Dwight Pentecost, John Walvoord (d. 2002), Tim Lahaye, Charles Caldwell Ryrie (in the notes for the Ryrie Study Bible), the theological-folk poetry of Jack Royerton, and Charles L. Feinberg. To say youre an amillennialist is only to tell me what you dont believe, and then you have to go to all of the passages of Scripture that talk about the kingdom and tell me why you dont believe they mean what they say. Help train Christians to boldly share the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that clearly communicates to this secular age. Now, were going to dig a little more deeply into the whole idea of the millennial kingdom and what the Bible says about it, and as to its nature and the aspects of the kingdom that are revealed in Scripture - and by the way, they are many and they are wondrous to behold, and we will do that. This is a positive book: positive about the future of the Church. I think it matters to God. / ( .) Hes improving; Hes definitely on the upward curve. Now, to affix our thinking to one great future event which seems to be the most controversial, I want you to think with me about the coming kingdom of Christ, known as the millennial kingdom, because in the twentieth chapter of Revelation, the opening of that chapter, there is reference to the reign and rule of Jesus Christ on the earth which lasts one thousand years; in fact, one thousand is repeated six times in that brief text. Register. In keeping with his view of faith, MacArthur denigrates "facts," "doctrine," "intellectual assent," and so on. The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics helps Christians show unbelievers the truth, goodness, and beauty of the gospel as the only hope that fulfills our deepest longings. I was talking to one of our missionaries just this same week I gave this talk to the pastors, and he was coming back from China and he said, Theres only one view in the church in China and its the premillennial view. Of course, because they just take what Scripture says. After thorough study I saw that his views on the topic were based on (among other things) circular reasoning and tradition. Christ will return, He will come in a glorious second coming to earth - but not to establish His kingdom, but rather after His kingdom has been established. As more and more information comes to Him, and as He has more and more experience in dealing with the issues of His universe, Hes getting better at being God. I have even called thee by thy name Isaiah 65:9: Mine elect shall inherit it - the promises of God. I like to call amillennialism negative, and postmillennialism positive. Why TMS? If it doesnt mean what it says and everybodys got a different view, then nobody has the authority to say, This is true. Lets just stick with things that we know are true and things that all the good theologians agree on. Prior to that I thought about it a lot. Show it to me. This is process theology. They would rather believe that God has predestined His Church to failure than believe that they are personally responsible for transforming society. . Instead, MacArthur systematically unpacked the biblical theology that leads one to an unabashed Calvinistic eschatology. This book teaches that Christians will exercise dominion in history. He has also written or edited nearly four hundred books and study guides. Ive been putting an outline together in preparation for two talks I did for the December 1819 online A Purchased Victory: A Conference on the Bright Hope of Postmillennialism. My two talks deal with biblical and cultural impediments that are often raised against postmillennialism. Short Response to Dr. MacArthur's statement. Now, Im going to save the good stuff till next time, but I want to just end by giving you a little list of benefits of getting your eschatology right, okay? But I want to approach this whole thing with you, as my congregation, the way I did with three thousand five hundred pastors a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I understand sovereign electing grace much more clearly than I ever have in the past, and I also understand Gods sovereign electing purpose for Israel more clearly than Ive ever understood it. 8.The Grammatical-Historical Hermeneutic: Its Defense and the Demand for Premillennialism -- by Abner Chou -- p.64 9.Will Israel Build a Temple in Jerusalem? So, I told the pastors at the conference, and the title of this talk is, Why every self-respecting Calvinist has to be a premillennialist. Because, if you believe in divine sovereign election, then you have to believe that as God will be faithful to His promises to His church, He will also be faithful to His promises to His elect nation Israel.

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