Pete, why didnt I know? you asked, whining once again. Oh, honey, Ill send her these pictures so she feels sorry that she couldnt come, Aunt May says. You both wanted to jump and shout for joy but you couldnt risk having it cry again. Peter looked at his best friend and . He had been there a few times, but it wasn't anything common. Peter reached a hand out to poke your skin and you flinched. Please consider turning it on! - After an exhausting mission, Mantis announces something Bucky intended on keeping quiet. Why would Peter do such a thing? You especially missed Peter. He himself looked a little upset and you had a feeling it was towards you but you couldnt figure out why. He chuckles too then licks his lips. It was Friday evening and that meant you could hang out with your boyfriend. He was so sweet and you two were basically connected by hip. How did you do it to yourself? Thor and Steve looked at each other confused. You were all alone in the tower and you completely forgot where the thermostat was and you felt like you were in the damn Arctic. "Shoot, kiddo," Steve put down the book he was reading and listened to what you had to say. It sure does. You stood up and stretched your arms, your shirt riding up a bit and exposing your midriff. You know Peter, for a smart boy like you, you're incredibly stupid. It looked pretty serious., Well, Ned looks at you, (Y/N), has something to tell you., Really? Peter looks at you curiously. Confused, you looked over his shoulder to the rest of the team to see that some were standing in alert and some were grimacing at the two of you. Summary: the few times that you make Peter Parker flustered, Warnings: mostly fluff, maybe a few curse words. You will do fine.. So, of course, he let Peter go to your room last night, he trusted that you two wouldn't do anything. Peter, can I come in?. Wait, what the hell? Your hands traced his skin on his stomach and Peter shied away. " ' " , y/n never dreamed that she would meet peter parker. Things couldnt get any better than this. Fucking hell, you grumbled as you dried your hands on the towel and walked back to your room. You jumped back, ramming your elbow on the doorway. 12:27. Your neck is covered in bruises! Steve exclaimed which then caused Thor to look at your neck also. "Why am I killing them?" Earlier that day at school, you had asked Peter, Ned, and Michelle if they wanted to go out after school and maybe get some churros and hang out. When you two were alone, things got heated fast. He gives you a shy smile before he leans down and covers your mouth with his. She brings you in for a hug, and you squeeze her tight. Authors Note: i know i havent posted in a hot minute lmao so here you go. What are you guys going on about?. How can you sleep at a time like this? You asked, looking down from your place sitting on top of your bathroom counter. The four of you planned on having lunch together at school a few days after the bathroom incident. For the next two weeks, you were tasked with caring for the robot baby in your hands. Peter Parker x Reader Go-Away Green by Lunalella 15.9K 392 10 A very shy reader has the inexplicable ability to make people ignore her completely. Steve doesnt talk about his past because he thinks you dont like hearing about it. Managing to hide your hickeys at first. It was supposed to teach everyone the responsibilities that came along with being a parent. Um just call me back when youre free. You cut the call and threw your phone onto your bed. A small yawn escapes your mouth and you rub your eyes trying to keep yourself awake to finish the last paragraph of the essay you procrastinated on. Ouch, He spoke, annoyed and you only rolled your lies. Tonywill kill you-". I think it should say Gods failure. You see Peter physically force a smile on his face before he speaks. If you were going to hide it, at least you should have been more cautious. Tony hands you a mirror. Everything went according to plan and it was a success for them, everyone was coming home safe and sound. may include adult language and smut Summary: Spending Friday night with peter parker and finding out that he has abs. We would fail the assignment, You tried feeding the baby a bottle but nothing worked like usual. This was my first time writing a soulmate AU, can you believe that!! I always tell you that you work too hard., And we have that DIY project for our two week anniversary with little Romeo., You nodded, Right, I want everything to be perfect for the in-laws, but you guys are totally invited to our celebration., Peter shrugged his shoulders, looking at Ned and MJ, Sorry guys., Ned, I think weve entered the twilight zone.. Peter pulled you into his chest in a hug and kissed the top of your head. An eyelash., Oh. You swipe your hand lazily across your cheek. Its nearly 11 when you decide to take a bathroom break. @queen-of-fanfics / When you returned to your room, Peter was already in your bed and ready with the laptop on his lap. He gestured for you to talk to your father, and you took a deep breath. Peter immediately clings to you, pulling you closer by your waist so that your noses are touching. "I'm going to go finish my homework now," You grabbed your computer and walked back to your bedroom, not talking to anyone who passed you. Your neck and chest were covered in purple love bites. Hell, you didnt even know how to comfort yourself. I need to change, baby, you giggle. Anyways, I came to see you. You had on a tight sweater in hopes to keep yourself warm. Before your knuckles could touch the door, it was yanked open to reveal a shirtless Peter. You watched as Peters eyes began to close again, Peter! You shouted. She didn't want to hold him back. Also, I DO NOT OWN MARVEL OR PETER PARKER OR YOU. In which you get closer than expected to Peter during your school project. "Peter, if you're mad about today, I'm really sorry.". Ooops, sorry? Peter screwed up his face apologetically, now understanding why your dad wanted to shoot him. You two are inches apart and you could see how tense Peter is. This is my first one-shot ever, so if it sucks . Oh god, I knew this was a bad idea. Thats weird, Ned said, his eyes obviously tired from raising little Juliet. He trailed open mouth kisses down your jaw and onto your neck. Perfectly friendly. Its New Years Eve, the busiest night of the year. Peter! You would research it and read all the lore and myths on it that you could find. He had taken upon himself to carry your lunch tray for you since you were preoccupied with bottle feeding the hungry robot. Peter smiles. Tony, not being able to say no to the kid, let him but under one condition; someone had to be watching him so he couldn't sneak into your room. Oh no guys youve got the wrong idea. Before you leave, I have one question for you." Besides, your hair should keep them covered. As you took your seat, you glanced over at what Peter was wearing. Wondering what you meant by that. Fuck, Im sorry, (Y/N/N), Peter apologized nervously. You frowned, watching the sadness on his face was even worse than the shrieking mechanical sounds coming from the fake infant. Peter is head over heels for you, okay? Peter leaves you to finish up your work, and a few more minutes later youre done. Punch yourself in the throat? He teased. Because of these. you pulled back your hair, showing him his work. Is that the essay you were telling me about?, Yeah, you say. The marks looked painful. My boyfriend is so hot., Shut up, he mumbled. Until, thanos snapped. I just watched a Youtube video or two about how to make out and stuff, he mumbled. This, however, only creeped you out more that your soulmate wasn't someone you knew very well. Bucky, being the best uncle ever, gladly offered to take watch of the hormonal teenager. Around a month ago, this strange mark showed up on your neck. Family Matters Pairing: Dark Peter Parker x (female) Reader He sat with crossed arms on his bed, most likely sitting on something that he wanted to hide. Just as you had done every day before that. He grew silent and his face solemn when he saw it was you that walked in. With everyone gone, the tower felt so empty and quiet. So you had to hide the love bites he left on your neck. No. "No problem!". i will be finishing up whatever fics i have in my drafts but i will not be writing anything beyond that for marvel. are you the one leaving all those hickeys on peter? Call it a strength, a weakness, whatever you will. Its what any father would react like. I love it. Her eyes squints and it made Peter feel more intimidated, despite being a little smaller than her. He then pulls them to his chest. So if you could-. Its a few minutes later when Peter is out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom. "It's not about what we see, it's about w BOOK 1 OF THE TWISTING TIMES SERIES Summary: You're convinced that your best friend is your soulmate. What is it?, Um You look around the cafeteria to make sure no one would overhear you if you speak. Peter cradled baby, bouncing it in his arms, Romeo, I know youre overwhelmed buddy. "Look what someone put in my locker," she said showing him the beautiful flower. What Im trying to get in your head is that no one did this. What? (Y/N)! you hear someone call your voice in your dressing room, which was really just a classroom that was blocked off and made to be a dressing room. What are you trying to fix anyway, you asked sitting up beside him and picking up random widgets from the bedsheets and observing them. Is everything alright in there? May called. Thomson is a terrible teacher though, and Im already practically failing his class. That is, until a certain set of Spidey senses kick in and pick up on what she's doin. Peter pulled off his mask and rushed to your side. He was a needy teenage boy in his own world. Mhm Peter grabs your hands from his hair and pulls them to his face where he presses a kiss. Meanie, is the first thing Peter says when youre back in your bedroom. We heard the noise. Natasha asked as she entered the kitchen with your father by her side. His hand reach out and brushed back a lock of your hair behind your ear. #peter If you loved me, youd be the big spoon, he says. Really? But lol hit me up if yall wanna talk about Infinity War or really about anything cause Ill talk and listen. This request is kind of funny, hope you enjoy! "Oh, thank goodness, it's not a hickey. He preached with a playful grin that he d A very shy reader has the inexplicable ability to make people ignore her completely. Not exactly the ideal way to spend New Years Eve. Thanks, Pete, you say taking the roses and observing them. There are enough cops out there to handle it for now, Peter said. Shed kick me out if she walked in on us making out or doing something else, you said. ", he smiles and plops on the bed next to me, "i can't handle it. You stand there waiting awkwardly and when you couldnt wait any longer, you raise your hand to knock again. And you were half asleep, groggy and half deaf because of the stupid fireworks outside, but Peter was kissing you and you loved him. I reposted all my fics on here from my other account. Both times had been in the mists of a battle, where Peter actually thought either you or he was going to die. I need to go back to my room before your dad slits my throat." Yeah, well I couldnt exactly leave my friend hanging, he says. Its only 6:23. The force took you by surprise and it knocked you off the bed, landing you flat on your back looking up at your legs still on the bed. I swear I will shoot him while hes swinging his way through New York. his eyes widened in anger before he left the kitchen to retrieve his bow. You dug through your father's bins filled with paper from when your grandfather was alive to see if you could find anything about their soulmate tattoos. You come home after spending the evening with Peter. It was probably for the best that your father knew about the tattoo; that way, you didn't feel guilty for not telling him. I know it looks like one but it isnt., Y/N, really I dont think we need to talk about this-. Ned and MJ had a baby of their own that they were tasked with taking care of you. You had been studying and making review notes for your calculus class for the entire day, and you were ready to die. Hands grabbed at the pillow you rested your head on, violently pulling it out from underneath you and slamming it on your head, trying to drown the voice. "You know, there are different types of soulmates. . Another time you made Peter flustered was during your performance in the school musical. It's something she had lived with for quite some time. There isnt anyone else. You ignore Peters whines and grab your pajamas, heading to the washroom to brush and change. He continues to stare at you as you take it out of his hand and check your face with it. we taking the subway together?, I think were going to have a quiet weekend with the little one, Peter answered and you confirmed with a nod, Were out before nine p.m most nights anyways., Nine? MJ shouted, growing frustrated with this sudden and new dynamic, On a Saturday? sorry for the spam. a few Peter Parker Imagines too <3 (See the end of the work for more notes. You knew him, had a few conversations, but didn't see him daily. The next Tony Starks. Then Hydra comes It was just Ned and Peter after all. Exposing the hickeys on your neck. Hell be back soon, safe and sound, and that was good enough for you. This really ticked him off. Peter asked, his cheeks turning a bright red and a smile spreading across his face. You rubbed your tired eyes and cursed under your breath. Peter Parker can be magical, but he can't make New York feel like home no matter how hard he tries. I need to get changed. Summary: In which Peter Parker is hiding something, and you think he doesnt like you anymore. Yet all you could think about was how Peter Parker was a hot dork who watched Youtube videos on how to kiss and had abs. The first time Peter wanted to kiss you, it had also been the first time he realized his feelings for you. If we do the movies too then youll be tired all day. Knowing what it is like to be young and in love. He blinked his eyes wildly. She forgets about Peter An Andrew Garfield oneshot collection including him and the characters he plays! Fluff 2. You guys are matching? MJs eyebrows rose as she took in your appearance. The sound was basically porn to your eyes, everything in your body melted the second you heard it. Theres awkward silence between the two of you, and you feel the heat rising to your face. Steve turned to Tony with a small smile. He left you a few reminders of him since you didnt know when you would being seeing each other again. Climbing back into bed, you hugged your pillow, burrowing yourself into your blankets and willed yourself to fall asleep because you knew that when you woke up, you would see all your friends again. - Slowly being edited | Prompt: You are an Avenger and Clint Bartons daughter. Prompt: You accidentally hurt yourself and the result looks like a hickey and Peter was not too happy. No, its right- he motions to the spot and you rub your finger across it and give Peter a questioning look. Hey, you squeal, not trying very hard to pull away from him. "I-uh, I have to go," you stutter, eyes on the ground as you brush past Peter. That also meant you were in the full getup which included curled hair, bright red lipstick, tight black pants, the pink jacket, and of course the ribbon around your neck. alcohol intoxication 1st and 2nd offense, jen fundie fridays where is she from, average water bill in smithfield va,

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