Whichof these benefit options would he choose? Who would make the final determination on whether or not an insurance advertisement is misleading? D.In the event of employment termination, group health insurance can be kept if the employer pays the premium. Which license is REQUIRED in order to solicit Long Term Care insurance in the State of Maryland? Which military service exclusion clause would pay upon his death? Which of the following is an example of fraud? Please select the correct language below. The law that established insurance transactions regulated by the states is called. Which of these will typically authorize treatment from a specialist? What is the contract called that is issued to an employer for a Group Medical Insurance plan? Pierre the producer receives a premium for an individual health insurance policy. D. Licensedproducers not appointed by an insurer. A life insurance policyowner does NOT have the right to, A Guaranteed issue insurance policy has no. \text{Cash and cash equivalents} & \$\ \hspace{5pt}48,000 & \$\ \hspace{5pt}57,000 \\ You have created 2 folders. An insurance company needs to obtain personal information from a third party concerning an applicant. ashlyn 72" ladder bookcase / la montagne jean ferrat partition piano pdf / a producers secretary who solicits prospects on the telephone. When an applicant passes a licensing examination and answers all background questions negatively. What type of life insurance could she purchase that is designed to pay off the loan balance if she dies within the 30-year period? Barbara's policy includes a rider which allows her to purchase additional insurance at specific dates or events without evidence of insurability. Pay for Medicare charges exceeding the approvedamount. Failing to promptly provide a reasonable explanation for the denial of a claim is considered to be a. Write a sentence explaining its significance to the executive branch. Which of these is NOT a characteristic of the Accelerated Death Benefit option? Which of the following is the likely result? The policies continue in force with no change. Her agent submitted the information to the insurance company on April 6. The policyholder for a group health benefit plan is considered to be the, A Medicare Supplement policy can be cancelled by the insurer for, As of January 1, 2007, producer's license expires, Every two years on the last day of the producer's birth month, An insurer has the right to recover payment made to the insured from the negligent party. Both partners are still married at the time of Bob's death. If a subscriberchooses a primary care physician outside of the network, the subscriber willlikely pay, Medicareprovides coverage for each of the following EXCEPT. An insurance company may ONLY pay a sales commission to, Continuous 24-hour care provided by licensed medical professionals under the direct supervision of a physician is called. A. The concept is simple - the insured buys the policy and names Life insurance pays after a persons death to help family members pay for debt, lost income, or funeral costs (Life Insurance 686). Changing from one occupation to another at the same general status is called _____. visas, binomial trials. Alimited payment whole life policy provides. You are given the graphs of several functions of the form f(x)=ax2+bx+cf(x)=a x^2+b x+cf(x)=ax2+bx+c for different values of a, b, and c. For each function. If a subscriber chooses a primary care physician outside of the network, the subscriber will likely pay, Paul is an employee who caught a disease unique to the trade in which he was exposed to. An insurer formed according to the legal requirements of another country is called an. This change is called a(n). Kathysannuity is currently experiencing tax-deferred growth until she retires. In the event of the employment termination, group health insurance can be kept if the EMPLOYEE pays the premiums, A health insurer must be provided with written proof of loss _____ days after the date of loss, A producer must notify the Commissioner within _____ days of a felony conviction. A producer's secretary who solicits prospects on the telephone: a) is an example of the illegal act called twisting . Ahealth care provider claim may be settled using which of the following paymentmethods? It is health insurance for the elderly. The names of the insurance companies represented by the producer. At what age can she begin to receive distributions without a tax penalty? Upon delivery, she may be expected to collect all of the following EXCEPT a(n), Modified application with a new signature, All of these are valid policy dividend options for a life insurance policyowner EXCEPT. Over the course of a year, which premium payment mode is most expensive? Replacement regulation is designed to protect the interests of, A health insurance policy that allows an insurer to change the policyowner's premiums, but NOT cancel the policy is called. Which of the following is required for an insurer to conduct business in this state? Which scenario would most life insurance policies exclude coverage for? The producer decides not to respond. Since each partner contributes an important element to the success of the business, they decide to take life insurance policies out on each other, and name each other as beneficiaries. When a qualified plan starts making payments to its recipient, which portion of the distributions is taxable? With a usual, customary, and reasonable fee, Which of these is NOT a qualifying event for Medicare, A. Lower than the typical whole life policy duringthe first few years and then higher than typical for the remainder. Insurance producer Kelly offers an insured a $500 shopping card if an insurance product is purchased through her. Which of the following is a requirement for ANY change in an insurance application? EXCEPT for fraud, the time after issuance of a policy during which an insurance company may contest a health insurance claim due to the statements on an application is, All of the following are core benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan A EXCEPT, Deductible payments for the first 60 days of hospitalization under Medicare hospitalization under Medicare hospitalization insurance, Statements made by an insurance applicant on an application are considered to be. Which of the following is NOT information found in a life insurance buyer's guide? In the event of employment termination, group insurance can be kept if the employee pays the premiums. b. Incomeif an insured is unable to work for a period of over six months, c. Coveragefor excess charges not paid for under Medicare. Craig submits a $500 claim for medical expenses. . What is the purpose of having an accelerated death benefit on a life insurance policy? Which of these is likely to occur when life or health insurance is being applied for? In the advertising of Individual Life Insurance policies, an "introductory" or "special enrollment" may not be made available until any previous enrollment period for the same policy has been closed for at least how long? A beneficiary has just received a claim payment for a life insurance policy. An annuitant is guaranteed to NOT outlive their benefits will a(n). A life insurance policyowner was injured in an automobile accident which results in a total and permanent disability. The standard grace period for a life insurance policy sold in Maryland is. Whatis created after policy proceeds are obtained in a lump sum and thenimmediately invested? To be classified as a small employer, an employer mustNOT have more than__ eligible employees. A doctor who accepts Medicare Assignment agrees to which of the following? By . A prorated death benefit based on the amount of insurance the insured's premiums would have been if purchased at the correct age, A guaranteed issue insurance policy has no, A single premium cash value policy can be described as, A policy that is paid up after only one payment. Which of the following would have the HIGHEST premium? Paul has a (n), Failingto Promptly provide a reasonable explanation for the denial of a claim is conservedto be a(n), AnHMO that involves a partnership of physicians and other providers who practiceout of a central facility is called a(n), Smallemployers who are spooned by an insurer to provider group benefits to itsemployees are called. A. Atourist traveling abroad on a major airline carrier, B. Anindividual who has a hobby racing cars once a month, C. Anairline pilot who flies for a commercial carrier, B. AnIndividual who has a hobby racing cars once a month. The waiting period for a disability insurance policy, Excludes payments for a short term illness or injury. Medical history from the insured may be reviewed and reported, If an insurer receives a notice of claim under an individual health policy, and fails to provide proof of loss forms within 15 days, the insured must, File a written proof of loss, detailing the occurrence, character and extent of loss. Any decrease in income resulting from this injury would make him eligible for benefits under which provision? The rider is called a(n), All if these are valid options for an adjustable life policy except, A non forfeiture option can be used to increase the death benefit. An effort by an existing insurer to prevent replacement and continue existing Life Insurance in force is known as which of the following? What is this an example of? Financial report from the previous year. Complete the sentence using each term once. c. Travel accidental insurance premiums. What does the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985 allow an employee to do ? An individual who has a hobby racing cars once a month. Converting a group plan to permanent lifeinsurance requires: D. The conversion being applied for within 31 daysof termination. Duringthe accumulation period, who can surrender an annuity? A producer's secretary who solicits prospects on the telephone, When a producer is replacing an existing ordinary life insurance policy, the producer must take all of the following actions EXCEPT, In Maryland, a full-time employee of a small employer MUST work an average of at least _____ per week, A producer may begin to solicit insurance ONLY when. Wherewould policy proceeds be paid if both the insured and primary beneficiary werekilled in the same accident? June 24, 2022 . After passing the state Producer licensing exam, application for the license must be made within, How long must an insurance company keep record on life insurance replacement activity, An insurance company that is organized or chartered in a country other than the United States is defined as, Advertisements of insurance in a local newspaper, must be approved by, Which of the following actions may an insurance company NOT do in a health policy that contains a guaranteed renewable premium benefit, Increase the premiums on an individual basis, Continued coverage under COBRA would be provided to a(n), A covered employee is terminated for gross misconduct, In New Jersey, health insurance advertisements are required to contain the, The purpose of a coordination-of-benefits provision in group health accident and health plans is to, If an insured dies during the grace period with no premiums paid, The policy would be payable, minus the premium amount, A 10% excise tax is normally applied to an early withdrawal from an IRA. Which of these if NOT considered to be a purpose of an annuity? A producer may be disciplined by the Commissioner for which of the following actions? The ____ is responsible for determining the appropriateness of a Medicare Supplement policy for an applicant. In Maryland, a Producer may have his/her license revoked for which of the following acts? Which type of coverage pays an amount per day for hospitalization directly to the insured regardless of the insured's other health insurance? In what part of insurance policy benefits found? What is the required action to be taken by a Maryland licensee before operating under an assumed business name? d. A covered employee if terminated for grossmisconduct. Whichof these will have the highest monthly payout upon annuitization? Which of the following is NOT part of an insurance contract? As beneficiary, he will pay ____ taxes on any money withdrawn. Which situation accurately describes a reduced paid-up nonforfeiture option? In a group health care, what is the purpose of the coordination of benefits provision? Ron has a life insurance policy with a face value of $100,000 and a cost of living rider. Mikehas inherited his fathers traditional IRA. Which of these riders will pay a death benefit if the insured's spouse dies? When must a claim on a life insurance policy be paid after proof of loss has been received by the insurer? Howdoes one become eligible for part D: Prescription Drug Coverage? What is the MINIMUM benefit period that must be offered by a Long-Term Care Policy? A producer has recently died and leaves behind a spouse. A. What happens when an insurance policy is backdated? Who regulates the quality care provided by a health maintenance organization (HMO)? The renewability provision for an individual long-term care insurance policy must be located on the policy form's, The ______________________ must be notified of a licensee's address change within 30 days of such change, Producers must complete a total of _______ Continuing Education hours for each two-year licensing period, A Medicare Supplement policy may exclude coverage for a preexisting condition for up to ____ months. Annuities are intended to create an estate. All of these are responsibilities of the Commissioner EXCEPT, policy must be issued to XYZ, and a certificate must be issued to each employee, XYZ Corp was issued a group health policy for its employees. Former dependent of employee no longer ofdependent status. Tim's individual life insurance policy has just recently lapsed. Change must be initialed by the applicant, A producer who sells an individual life insurance policy in New Jersey MUST deliver to the policyowner. When calculating the amount of life insurance needed for an income earner, what has to be determined when using he Needs Approach? An individual the means to replace wages. How often must an insurance producer's license in New Jersey be renewed? c. Send receipt of payment to the commissioner, d. Forward Premiums to the insurer on a timely basics. Premium mode is term used to describe the: The Fair Credit and Reporting Acts main purposeis to: A. A life insurance policy is hallowed ___ days upon policy delivery to return the policy for a full premium refund.. An order issued by the commissioner that prohibits a specific practice listed in the order is called a (n). Insurance producer Kelly offers an insured a $500 shopping card if an insurance product is purchased through her. Erica is 35 years old and owns an IRA. C. Careis only covered in a government facility, D. Careis only covered if primary care physician gives a referral, Theopen enrollment period for Medicare part B is, D. Generaltax revenue and user premiums. Failing to renew license on timely basics, C.) Sharing Commissioners with another licensed Producer, D.) Signing a prospect's name without thier knowledge or presence, The Fair Credit Reporting Act Protects consumers, B.) An eligible employee can be excluded from group health coverage for up to _______ months is he/she is considered a "late enrollee". All Medicare Supplement policies MUST contain which provision? Which of the following MUST contain a "Statement of Policy Cost and Benefit Information"? James is the insured on a life insurance policy where his age was misstated on the application. \text{Net property, plant, and equipment} & \underline{\hspace{8pt}100,000} & \underline{\hspace{8pt}105,000} \\ Arollover from a Traditional IRA to another IRA must be done within __ days toavoid tax consequences. Whichphase is this annuity in? Benefits for a Medicare Supplement policy. How many employees must an employer have for a terminated employee to be eligible for COBRA? Percent frequency distribution for key variables. \text{Accounts receivable} & \hspace{13pt}41,000 & \hspace{13pt}44,000 \\ Net death benefit will be reduced if the loan is not repaid. Which type of rider will waive the premium on a child's life insurance policy if the parent paying the premium dies? How much does Medicare Part B pay for physician fees? Maria is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) subscriber and received care from an out-of-network provider. B. Recieve a tax credit to help offset the cost of health insurance. The death benefit paid will be what the premium would have purchased at the correct age. Failingto promptly provide a reasonable explanation for the denial of a claim isconsidered to be a (n). Whendoes a life insurance policy typically become effective? There are several types of whole life insurance that are as follow:- In order for the producer's insurance business to continue, the Department of Banking and Insurance may issue to the producer's spouse a. A policy owner may exercise which of these dividend options that uses the dividend to pay all or part of the next premium due? According to HIPPA, this tax will not be applied if the withdrawal is used for medical expenses that exceed _____ of the individual's adjusted gross income. Which of the following is NOT a common exclusion for a medical expense policy? A producer has committed an insurance crime that violates US code 1033 (interstate commerce). If the company debited Accounts Receivable and credited Sales for $600,000 during the year, what is the total amount of credits recorded in Accounts Receivable during the year? Whathappens when an insurance policy is backdated? Contact; a producers secretary who solicits prospects on the telephonepossum playing dead in the yard. His policy may be reinstated at any time within _____ years. An individual can enroll in a Part C Medicare Advantage Plan at what time? Employee must be able to make unlimited contributions. In advertisements of life insurance and annuities, all of the following are true EXCEPT, Advertisements must include training materials provided to the producer. The entity which issues the certificate of authority is the, A policyowner has _____ days after policy delivery to return a major medical policy for a full refund, make any transactions before being approved for a licence, counsels and advises the Governor on all matters assigned to the Maryland Insurance Administration, A Maryland insurance producer solicits an insurance policy. B.) The policy automatically converts to whole lifeafter the 10-year period, B. Providing claim payments to insureds under the guidelines of the insurance contract. Producers must complete a total of ____ continuing education credits for each two-year licensing period. When are group disability benefits considered to be tax-free to the insured? Which of these is affected by the frequency of an insurance policy's premium payments? A Whole life policy option where extended terminsurance is selected is called a(n), A provision in a whole life policy that allows apolicy owner to terminate the policy in return for a reduced paid-up policy ofthe same type is called a(N). a producers secretary who solicits prospects on the telephone old restaurants in lawrence, ma . \text{Total current assets} & \underline{\hspace{8pt}144,000} & \underline{\hspace{8pt}151,000} \\ A. Which of the following describes a person who is NOT acceptable by an insurer at standard rates because of health history, occupation, or hobbies? One or morediagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative, maintenance or personalcare services in a setting other than an acute care unit of a hospital. A medicare supplement plan can be canceled by the insurer, Small employers who are sponsored by an insurer to provide group benefits to its employees are called, Health insurance involves two perils, accident and _____. If she dies 15 years after the policy's inception date, how much will her beneficiary receive? Higher than the typical whole life policy duringthe first few years and then lower than typical for the remainder. A minimum of 12 months after date of purchase. The promise of a discount in premium as an inducement to purchase insurance is known as, exchanging a new policy for one already in force, with guidelines regarding credit reporting and distribution, The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers, Terminally-ill life insurance policyowners may sell their policy at a discount to a third party. \text{Total liabilities and stockholders' equity} & \underline{\underline{\hspace{3pt}\$244,000}} & \underline{\underline{\hspace{3pt}\$256,000}} \\ cuanto gana un pintor de autos en estados unidos . Registered for the state insurance examination. To be classified as a small employer, an employer must NOT have more than _________ eligible employees, The _______ is responsible for determining the appropriateness of a Medicare Supplement policy for an applicant, During the examination of an insurer's books and records by the Commissioner, the insurer, remain in effect until a new one is issued, John the insurance producer has an insurance license that expires in 6 months. What may be the result of replacing an existing life insurance policy with a new one? This is called a. \text{Total assets} & \underline{\underline{\hspace{3pt}\$244,000}} & \underline{\underline{\hspace{3pt}\$256,000}} \\ An attending physician's statement would be appropriate for which life insurance purpose? Which type of life insurance policy is this? Unintentionally misrepresented a material fact on the application. D.) By providing consumer credit counseling. ABC Insurance Agency is entering each applicant who purchases insurance through their agency into a drawing to win a free trip. What happens to the total amount of premium paid for an insurance policy when the payment frequency increases? This illustration MUST disclose that. Which of the following actions is REQUIRED by an agent who is replacing an existing life insurance policy? Policyowners from misrepresentations and loss of benefits, Replacement regulation is designed to protect, A producer must notify the Commissioner within _____ days of a felony conviction, Dependent children under a health insurance plan must be provided coverage up to age, written authorization from the proposed insured, Prior to conducting an HIV-related test, the insurer must obtain, An insurance producer agrees to pay the first monthly premium for an insurance applicant. Johan the producer charged a fee to a sales prospect for analyzing insurance coverages A written statement describing the elements of a policy is called, All of the following are considered appropriate uses of life insurance for business purposes EXCEPT, Protecting the business by covering entry level employees with life insurance, An insured individual and the policy's beneficiary die from the same accident. Which of these is NOT an Unfair Claims Settlement Practice? D. The face amount and premium will remain constantover the 10-year period. a producers secretary who solicits prospects on the telephonecrumbl cookies franchise applicationcrumbl cookies franchise application A. Doctormay charge up to a maximum of 15% more than Medicare pays for the service, B. Doctoris not bound by Medicare limitations on charge, C. Doctorcannot charge more than Medicares scheduled coverage, D. Doctor bills the Medicare beneficiary directlyfor services performed, A. Alwaysrequires service in a network, B. Providesa greater choice of providers, C. Alwaysrequires a referral to specialists. An insurer may pay a commission in which of the following scenarios? Julie has a $100,000 30-year mortgage on her new home. A producer who sells an individual life insurance policy in Maryland MUST deliver to the policyowner a, Refusing to pay persons bringing false or fraudulent claims, All of these may be an Unfair Claims Practice EXCEPT, is eligible for a Federal tax credit through the SHOP Exchange, An existing health benefit plan offered by a small employer may be replaced by a SHOP Exchange Navigator only if the small employer, An insurance producer who replaces an existing policy by making false written or oral statements is committing the act of, A producer has recently died and leaves behind a spouse. June 24, 2022 . AnIndividual can enroll in a part C Medicare Advantage Plan at what time? C. Protects consumers with guidelines regarding creditreporting and distribution. a producers secretary who solicits prospects on the telephone. Which of these gaps in Medicare coverage is addressed with Medicare Supplemental Insurance? Maria would like an annuity that provides a guaranteed accumulation or payout. 5151\left|\begin{array}{ll}5 & 1 \\ 5 & 1\end{array}\right| How often must the Commissioner examine each domestic insurance company? Aninsureds status under social security can be described as, Along-term care policy typically provides all of the following levels of careEXCEPT. 1. B. Protects insurers from an applicantsMisrepresentation, C. Protect consumers with guidelines regardingcredit reporting and distribution. A hospital or medical expense policy will typically cover dental treatment expenses under which circumstance? Twisting is an illegal act which involves, A producer does NOT have a fiduciary responsibility to. Anapplicants character and personal habits can be obtained for underwritingpurposes from which source? A closed network plan offers a primary physician copay of $25. Which rider would pay a monthly amount because of this disability? Which settlement option pays a stated amount toan annuitant, but no residual value to a beneficiary? a)When the policy owner notifies the insurance company, c.)When the required additional premium is paid, d.) No more than 10 days after date of birth, The double indemnity provision in a life insurance policy pertains to an insured's death caused by a(n), A) the policy would be payable, minus the premium amount, B) the policy would be payable only after the beneficiary makes past due premium payment, C) all past premiums will be refunded with interest, An insurance producer agrees to pay the first monthly premium for an insurance applicant. A newborn is required to be covered for ______ days from the moment of birth. 1980 camaro z28 for sale in canada; fixer upper homes for sale clarksville, tn; crossroads inn leechburg menu If an insurer refuses to pay a claim, how many days must the insured wait to take legal action against a health insurer after submitting written proof of loss? An amount the premium would have purchased at the correct age. Whichmarket index is normally associated with an indexed annuitys rate of return? D. Assist an insurer in determine an applicantscreditworthiness. a. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the federal income tax? Provides the insured a specific dollar amount for services, An example of an unfair method of competition is, Overstating the benefits of an insurance policy, A pharmacy benefit covers prescription drugs derived from a list called, The type of policy which pays on the death of the last person is called, Converting a group plan to permanent life insurance requires, The conversion being applied for within 31 days of termination, Ownership of a life insurance policy may be temporarily transferred with a(n). Which settlement options pays a stated amount to an annuitant but no residual value to a beneficiary?

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